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What is Dayblizz:

Dayblizz is a completely free social media app, for creating, sharing and optionally monetizing content. That means you can decide to share content for free and/or put it behind a paywall – it’s all on your own terms.

You don’t have to be a creator to enjoy Dayblizz though! You can join Dayblizz to connect with your friends, meet new people, discover new content and who knows – maybe even become a supporter of a creator.

Why did you start Dayblizz?:

Short version: We want to create a cool, next-level social media app with less of the annoying stuff (hate, fakes, bots), more of the good stuff (meeting cool people), all while helping every creator make a dependable income to pursue their passion.

Being creators of our own and talking to people we know, we found out that there’s quite a lot of things going wrong with social media monetization. There’s a huge lack of cool options to monetize and connect with fans, so we set out on our journey to create a platform to help creators make a dependable income.

Along our journey we also started to notice a lot of other things going wrong in the social media space. So we’ve made it our goal to come up with better solutions for the modern challenges social media is facing.