Community Guidelines



Dayblizz exists to inspire and connect people with each other, while giving them the opportunity to share their experiences, talents and creativity. For us it’s important that everyone can feel welcome in our community, because diversity, inclusion and providing a safe space is one of our main goals. That’s why we have written down these guidelines to explain what is allowed on Dayblizz and what’s not. Uploading, posting, streaming and sharing content, that is against our guidelines, is prohibited.

We are actively enforcing our guidelines by moderating content and offering the community ways to report content going against our guidelines. We inform users, whose content has been removed about our decision and remove or cancel accounts and / or devices, who repeatedly or seriously violate our guidelines. In case of a crime, we can report the respective accounts to the responsible legal authority.

In some cases we might not remove content, which would have to be removed according to our guidelines, if it serves a documentary, scientific, educational, satirical or fictional purpose.

We will regularly adapt our community guidelines to cover new risks and to keep our handling of these risks transparent in order to continue to celebrate a positive, creative and authentic user experience on Dayblizz. We ask our community for support:
If you think that there are important points missing in these guidelines, please send us feedback via the feedback function within our app. You can learn more about this here.

1. Violent Content and / or Incitement to Violence

We clearly position ourselves against all kinds of violence or threat on and outside of Dayblizz. Hence we don’t allow anyone to use our platform for those purposes. It doesn’t matter whether these threats were made jokingly, we will treat them as serious ones. We will remove accounts and content, which share, glorify or advertise violent content or organisations. In case of a crime or a threat to public safety, we will work together with the responsible legal authority to prevent a crime or help bringing criminals to justice.
In order to judge the severity of the situation, we might consider publicly available information. 


1.1 Criminal Organisations and People 

We don’t allow people or organisations, which advertise or exert criminal acts to use Dayblizz. We will remove the respective content and also their accounts. This includes the following organisations:

  • Terrorist organisations and acts
    “Terrorisms” refers to violent acts against humans or landmarks, which are fueled by political, ideological or religious goals. In most cases terrorism results in severe crimes and attacks.


  • Organised Hate
    Organised violent acts and incitements to violence against certain people or groups because of ideologies. They fuel hate and attack human dignity or people and groups due to specific characteristics like origin, ethnic affiliation, religion, immigration status, sexual orientation, gender or gender identity among others.


  • Organised Crime
    Transnational, national or local organisations arranging severe crimes like murder, rape, theft, illegal trafficking of humans, drugs, organs or weapons, money laundering, fraud, blackmail or cyber criminality.

We consider publicly available information to uncover accounts held by such organisations or individuals to prevent criminals from using Dayblizz to harm people on- or offline.


It’s not allowed to share or upload the following content to Dayblizz:

  • textual or graphics elements displaying or advertising crimes, criminal organisations or organised hate
  • Content created to advertise, glorify or support such organisations or recruit new people Inhalte


1.2 Illegal Activities

Due to safety reasons and in order to comply with legal guidelines, we prohibit using our platform for any illegal activity. The depiction, promotion, declaration of intent or incitement to the following activities will be removed by us:

  • Offering counterfeits
  • Presenting, inciting or advertising acts, which could lead to physical or psychological harm of human and animal 
  • Theft
  • Vandalism
  • Hacking, damaging IT Systems, Cybercrime
  • Trafficking humans or drugs, compulsory labor and prostitution
  • Poaching or illegal trade with wild animals
  • Advertising or dealing with firearms and their accessories
  • Buying, selling or consuming drugs or other controlled or illegal substances 
  • Phishing and other kinds of scam and fraud
  • Ponzi snowball systems, pyramid schemes or multi level marketing systems
  • Casinos, lotteries, sports wagering and other gambling software, apps or services 
  • Content containing personal data of a third party (e.g. social security number) 


1.3   Threats, Incitements or Depiction of Violence

The advertisement, glorification, instruction or active incitement to violent acts, as well as their depiction on Dayblizz is not allowed in order to prevent damage in the offline world, as well as imitation acts.


Don’t post or share the following content:

Violence against humans:

  • Depiction, support, declaration of intent, incitement, belittlement or threats of physical or psychological violence of any kind. This includes non consential sexual acts, assaults or contact.
  • Dangerous challenges and the support or advertisement for those
  • Declaration of intent, incitement, support or depiction of “swatting”:
    A police emergency call, in which someone is wrongly accused of for example hostage taking
  • Instructions for the production and usage of weapons in the context of inciting violence
  • Advertisement or support for harmful “wonder medicine” for health issues
  • Incitement, declaration of intent or depiction of actively and knowingly spreading diseases

Violence against animals:

Depiction, support, declaration of intent or incitement to:

  • Physical violence against animals
  • Animal fights


Damaging objects:

Depiction, support, declaration of intent or incitement to:

  • Vandalism
  • Damaging Cybersystems, Hacking
  • Theft


1.4 Hate Speech

Hate speech creates an environment or exclusion, intimidation and often supports violence. Since we think of Dayblizz as a diverse, positive and inclusive community, we will ban accounts of people using hate speech or show other hateful behaviour.

Hate speech refers to the attack on people or groups and their human dignity due to specific characteristics like their origin, ethnic affiliation, religion, immigration status, sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, disabilities or severe sickness.


These contents are not allowed to be uploaded or shared:

  • Claims that specific people or groups are intellectually, physically, ethically inferior or criminal. As well as the vilification of these people as animals or objects
  • Incitement to, depiction or justification of violence, exclusion or discrimination against these people
  • Glorification and distribution of hateful ideologies
  • Glorification, claims and distribution of Verherrlichung, Behauptung und Verbreitung ideas of the supremacy of one group of people other another
  • textual or graphics elements displaying or advertising crimes, criminal organisations or organised hate
  • Denial of proven ideological violent acts against certain groups
  • Use of derogatory terms to depreciate a group of people

    Exemption: The terms are used by a member of the respective group in the context of a self-empowering reappropriation of the term.


1.4   Violent and explicit content

We want to create a place for creativity and friendship, that’s why there’s no place for explicit, sadistic and shocking violent acts on our platform. We don’t want that such content is advertised, Wir möchten ein Ort für Kreativität und Freundschaft sein, daher gibt es keinen Platz für explizite, sadistische und schockierende Gewaltdarstellungen auf unserer Plattform. Wir möchten nicht, dass solche Inhalte beworben, trivialized or glorified and will ban the respective content or account. In case of a crime or a threat to the public safety, we will work together with the responsible legal authority to prevent the crime from happening or to bring the criminal to justice.


Content that is not allowed to be uploaded or shared:

  • Bloody scenes depicting for example physical violence, fighting scenes or torture of animals and humans in realistic scenarios
  • Dismembered, mutilated, burned or charred remains of human or animal lifeforms 
  • Explicit death or accident scenes


1.5 Suicidal, self destructive or dangerous acts

It’s dear to us, that our community is safe and that no actions are being advertised, which could harm the health and wellbeing of our users. Because of this content depicting, glorifying, trivializing or advertising suicidal, self destructive or dangerous behaviour (which could lead to severe health consequences) is prohibited on Dayblizz. 

It’s important to us, that the community is sensibilized to mental health issues. We support our community to talk about their personal experience regarding these topics in a safe manner. We hope that our users will receive support from within our community. 

We ask users, who suffer from self destructive behaviour or suicidal thought or users who know someone who has these thoughts to contact a local suicide prevention hotline or inform a local emergency service.


We remove the following content from Dayblizz:

  • Instructions, glorification, triviliazation, advertisement or promotion of suicide, self-harm, eating disorder or other dangerous behaviours
  • Challenges, demands, games or pranks in regards to suicide, self destructive or dangerous behaviour
  • Depiction of suicide or self-harm 
  • Instructions showing the inaccurate handling of dangerous vehicles, tools or objects 
  • Depiction or advertisement of the consumption of substances not suitable for consuming


1.6 Bullying and Harassment

Dayblizz has made it its mission to provide a positive, inclusive and tolerant community, so that everyone can be their authentic self. We have no tolerance for (cyber)mobbing, shaming, verbal abuse, threats, blackmail and other kinds of harassment, because it’s against our purpose as a platform and can lead to severe psychological harm. We will remove this kind of content from our platform.


Bullying and harassment

The following content is forbidden and will be removed:

  • Name-calling or vilifying a person due to their looks or intellect 
  • Incitement to trolling and cyberbullying
  • Depiction or incitement to cyberstalking
  • Content which wishes someone harm like severe sickness or death
  • Challenging or inciting self-harm or suicide
  • Threaten or blackmail someone with the publication of their personal data (Doxxing) like home address, private phone number, bank statements or similar sensible data. Or inciting people to dox someone.


Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment can be degrading or mortifying for victims and can cause severe psychological consequences. Sexual harassment refers to all inadequate and non consential sexual or sexualising behaviour.   

Thus we’ll remove the following content:

  • Threatening to disclose or disclosing the sexual orientation, private sexlife or sexual materials without the consent of the respective person
  • Publication of edited content, which indicates or depicts sexual innuendos or sexual acts due to the manipulation
  • Degrading a person due to their sexlife
  • Indications of sexual acts in spoken and written word (including emojis), graphics or other functions within the app 
  • Attempts to make unwanted sexual contact
  • Threatening, normalizing or presenting non consential sexual acts, contact or assault

2.0 Sexually explicit content and nudity of adults 

Since we want to create a safe platform for all users, explicitly sexual content is not allowed. That includes sexual acts as well as the imitation or implication of them, pornography, intimate picture or video material, which shows exposed primary and/or secondary sexual characteristics, after or bottom or content serving or advertising sexual contacts between adults including paid contact. Additionally this includes the digital manipulation of picture and video material edited to be seen in a sexual context.


We remove this content from our platform:

  • Intimate picture or video material, which exposes primary and / or secondary sexual characteristics, after or bottom
  • Depiction of sexual arousal, stimulation, sexting or sexual acts with or without penetration
  • Offering and advertising sexual materials, contacts or services (e.g prostitution)
  • Depiction, normalisation or threats of non consential sexual acts, contacts or assaults 


3.0 Integrity, Authenticity and Copyright

Dayblizz wants to provide users with an authentic and safe environment so they can form social contacts and spread creativity and positivity. Activities like spam, impersonation or intellectual property violations go against this purpose and are not allowed. Fan or parody accounts are allowed as long as their username and profile description makes it clear. We remove content and / or accounts going against these guidelines. 

Note: Copyright protects artists right to their works and a trademark for example might choose a certain word, slogan, symbol or design. The creator or owner of the trade has the legal right, that no one can use their intellectual property without their consent. The lawful use of copyrighted work, as well as the use of them under special circumstances like product reviews, fan or parody accounts for example might not be seen as a violation of our guideline. 


The following acts are a violation of these guidelines:

  • Accounts, which automatically like, comment, share of follow in order to artifically increase the interaction metrics, as well as buying, selling or advertising such services
  • Operating multiple accounts to artifically increase the interaction metrics, spam or similar action
  • Spamming any kind of advertisement
  • Impersonating another person or organisation for example by using a respective profile picture, username or (re)posting their content with comments implicating that they are the respective person or organisation
  • Uploading, sharing, posting or streaming content which violates the copyright, trademarks or other intellectual property rights of a third party


Additionally the uploading, posting and sharing of misleading information:

  • fueling hate and prejudice
  • about medical matters, which could harm the health of other people
  • about elections or other civic processes, which could result in civic unrest, invalid votes or other consequences
  • Missinformation about emergencies, crisis or catastrophes, which could lead to a panic
  • Manipulated or edited content, which keeps the real circumstances covered up, providing users with fake facts that could result in harm for the community or depicted people

4.0 Additional Protection for Minors

We want to offer a platform, which allows the safe use of every age group. Additionally to the already mentioned guidelines, we installed additional guidelines specifically for the protection of minors. We don’t allow any content showing the exploitation, harm, endangerment, abuse, sexualisation or violence against minors, no matter whether the content is real, fictional or for example animated. We reserve the right to report criminally relevant cases to the responsible legal authority. Content serving the purpose of educating on the matter as well as providing help resources to victims is allowed.

The minimum age requirement for using Dayblizz is 13 years. If we identify the accounts of users below our age requirement, we’ll remove their account. We have currently disabled some functions like the like-, view- and follower count for minors below 16 years. 

Convicted sexual offenders are not allowed to use our platform. We take information regarding this very seriously and will disable accounts of people we have identified to fall into that category.


Additionally to the other content going against our guidelines, the following content posted by or in regards to minors are not allowed: 

  • Sexualisation or minors via for example depictions, comments, messages, emojis or other content
  • Advertising or undertaking “Grooming”
    “Grooming” refers to an adult seeking contact with a minor. The goal is to gain their trust and obtain sexual materials or sexual contact, sexually abuse them, traffick them or exert another form of exploitation and abuse
  • Picture and video material of minors in minimal clothing or demanding such materials from or of minors
  • Depicting, implicating or advertising the sexual contact between a minor and an adult or minors with a vast difference in age
  • Sexually explicit content in spoken and written word (including emojis) or graphics referring to minors. This includes content of minors containing sexually explicit song texts.
  • Picture and video material of minors containing sexual innuendos like explicit poses or sexual dances (e.g. Twerking).
  • Content advertising, imitating, depicting, inciting or instructing the use of alcohol, drugs, tobacco or other controlled substances by minors.

5.0 Additional Security for Creators:

We don’t tolerate malicious actions and harassment towards anyone on our platform. This includes our creators as well. Leaking a creator’s paid content can result in a temporal or permanent account suspension or in a fine, depending on the severity of the individual case.


6.0 Security of Dayblizz:

All acts which could compromise the security of Dayblizz are not allowed. This includes for example the hacking of the website or app, the distribution of compromised data (e.g. with a computer virus), avoiding entry barriers or the usage of automatic scripts to gain information or automatically interact with the platform.


Closing Words:

We want to thank all user filling Dayblizz with amazing content and supporting us in creating a community, where every user can feel safe and welcome. 

We kindly ask our users to report all content to us, which goes against these guidelines. Learn more about reporting content in our FAQ in the section “Security”. 

If you feel like our community guidelines are missing some important ways, send us your ideas via the feedback function inside the app. You can learn more about sending us Feedback in our FAQ “Feedback & Problems” section in the category “Using Dayblizz”.